Monday, June 29, 2009

Gel Medium is da BOMB.....

Although I've heard all the hype about gel medium lately and know how much people love it, I never gave it a try until recently. I always thought my collage paste, as messy as it is, must work just as well.
I was wrong.

I took some get medium and watered it down until it was about the consistency of milk, and had a field day with it. I collaged...I image transferred....I used it as glue...I want to put it on everything I can find.

Here's some of the ATCs I made with my new favorite substance. The first ones are for a swap called "Heat it Up", meaning you had to have something on your cards which required the use of a heat gun. I started with a collage of scrap papers, lightly gessoed over it, stamped and embossed the background design. Then I stamped faces onto vellum or mulberry paper (depending on the card), used gold paint and ultra thick embossing powder for the crowns, stamped a butterfly onto colored paper and cut it out, then finished the cards with miscellaneous embellishments.

The second set is for a swap called "Monkeying Around". For these, I painted the background with several shades of green acrylic paint, then used gel medium to transfer photocopied images of monkeys that my friend Dave took at the zoo. That part was super fun. Then I finished them off with stamps of leaves and a butterfly and put some fun flock around the edges to make it look like they are hiding in the jungle.

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